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United German Shepherd Dog Alliance

UGSDA Dogs who have passed the Socialized Pet Obedience Test

Here are the dogs owned by UGSDA members that have earned the UKC Socialized Pet Obedience Test title. We're very proud of the accomplishments of all our members' dogs.

UGSDA United Kennel Club SPOT-ON Dogs

UAGI URO1 2x BIMBS 3x RBIMBS GRCH Coppermoon Jagged Edge SPOT-ON
Owner: Kathy Lamping
UAGII URO1 GRCH Eclipse's Decadent Obsession SPOT-ON
Owner: Tracie Karsjens and Donna Beadle
UACH URO1 GRCH Bahr-S Journey Through Dark SPOT-ON
Owner: Tracie Karsjens
URO1 GRCH Faithful's Mighty Judge SPOT-ON
Owner: Debra and Samantha Church

UGSDA United Kennel Club SPOT Dogs

GRCH Kerstone's It's Five O'Clock Somewhere SPOT
Owner: Jen and Rodney Muehlbauer
GRCH Coppermoon's Flash Dance SPOT
Owner: Kathy Lamping
Journey Vom Coppermoon SPOT
Owner: Kathy Lamping
CH Atlas' A Bit Beyond Daybreake SPOT
Owner: David Fisher, Dawn Fisher and Tracie Karsjens
Atlas' A Pocketful of Sunshine
Owner: Tracie Karsjens
CH Atlas' All-Star Performance SPOT
Owner: Tracie Karsjens
URO2 GRCH Eclipse's Drive For Excellence SPOT
Owner: Dawn Fisher and Tracie Karsjens
URX UAGII UROC GRCH Eclipses What Happens in Vegas SPOT
Owner: Tracie Karsjens and Donna Beadle

* indicates title not confirmed by UKC